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Rabitat is a Creative Habitat for talented designers and artistic people.

From humble beginnings. We are a creative agency based in Pretoria, South Africa. Our varied skill set means that we can tackle even the most challenging of projects and we offer a truly unique professional experience to every individual client.

We are always striving for new innovative ways of overcoming various problems to achieve successful design and implimentation in everything we do. Scroll down and find out more about us.

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Services to benefit you

Covering all aspects of the creative industry with the latest techniques and technology at our disposal. Contact us directly.

Join us in our Creative Habitat for all your needs, commercial or private, and experience quality results every time.

Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design team effectively covers all design aspects from corporate identity to advertising and more

Web Design

Offering you the latest trends and web development techniques in the industry to meet any web based requirements.

Game Design

An Independent Game Studio that covers all platforms available from mobile to desktop and consoles.


Professional photography for any event, from studio shoots to weddings, making use of the best equipment available.

3D Animation

Our Animation department specializes in product rendering and simulations in 3D and 2D

"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works." Steve Jobs

Recent Projects & Clients

We are proud to share our recent completed projects and clients.

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Web Design Packages Available

We strongly reccomend the packages below to best suit your individual web based requirements and price class

Please note that every websites specefications changes according to the clients needs, as such the prices indicated are used as a baseline measurement.


Basic website for a personal online presence. Website design - 1 page scroller.

Responsive website, rotating banner, basic contact form and site map submission

Starting From
R4 000.00 - R5 000.00*
(Quote on request)
Basic Corporate

Custom design, logo design, buisness cards, letterhead, email signature.

1-5 page buisness portfolio, contact form, rotating banner, Google map and site map submission

Starting From
R5 000.00 - R8 000.00*
(Quote on request)
Premium Corporate

Custom design consisting of up to 20 pages. buisness cards, letterhead fully responsive.

Logo design, Google map, rotating banner, contact form and Google site map submission

Starting From
R10 000.00*
(Quote on request)
Live Preview

* T's and C's Apply

Rabitat Creative Habitat presents: Maintenance and Support Package

Rabitat Creative Habitat proudly presents a must have package for every website. The helpful team at Rabitat Creative Habitat offers personal Maintenance and Support Package for your website. This package includes monthly hands on support for your individual website for a 12 month period. Pricing for such a unique personal service starts from as little as ZAR 200.00 per month. This gives you as a client the ability to effortlessly keep your website up to date with the latest content. We make it easy to update and change any text or images on your website each and every month*. This is especially helpful for any non-CMS based websites. The Maintenance and Support Package also ensures an optimal experience for your visitors as it will be up to date with the latest coding standards available. Rabitat Creative Habitat values you as client, Making it easy to always stay online and always stay up to date.

Please feel free to contact the Rabitat Creative Habitat team for any further questions or enquiries about this and our other servies available.

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Unity 5

Unity is one of the most advanced game engines that anyone can use and there are endless learning tutorials and a giant community that support eachother and share assets and ideas. Recently Unity version 5 was released that enables anyone to publish a game to virtually any platform, from mobile to playstation. The Unity Asset store also enables you to sell assets such as 3D models or scripting and you could actually make a living from just that alone.

Digital Tutors

Digital Tutors is the most well known educational system on the internet. Recruiting people from anywhere in the world to share their knowladge and expertise. It covers a wide range of software such as the entire Autodesk suite to more open source programs such as Blender and Nuke. Digital Tutors are also widely known for their high standard of cinematography, teaching how to make movies look good and professional.

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